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Sinomach steps up production of medical supplies



A worker of HB Optical, part of SAIS, a subsidiary of Sinomach, monitors the production process of key optical device filters for the detection of novel coronavirus. [Photo/SASAC WeChat Official Account]

The prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia is faced with multiple challenges, with temporary shortages in some areas of such medical supplies as masks, protective suits and alcohol. Sinomach, as a central enterprise, has actively tapped its potential, taking the lead in expanding its production of medical materials in short supply and becoming a solid backup in the battle against the virus for the goal of guaranteeing people's livelihoods.

HB Optical, subject to the Shenyang Academy of Instrumentation Science (SAIS), a subsidiary of Sinomach, has urgently provided filters of key optical devices for the detection of novel coronavirus nucleic acid. It is also developing easy-to-use filters for novel coronavirus detection equipment. Up to Jan 30, the company has received more than 9000 orders from Shanghai, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities. In light of the current situation, HB Optical immediately formulated a production plan and organized its employees to return to work, enabling timely delivery of 2000 filters to customers up to Feb 4.

CHTC Jiahua Nonwoven Co, a subsidiary of Sinomach, has an international leading production line called Laifen, which makes high-end medical protection products. The company promptly mobilized 331 workers to ensure supply. Up to Feb 2, it produced a total of 708.49 tons of non-woven fabric coils, including 123.07 tons of filter materials which can be used in 160 million masks; 223.3 tons of outer and inner layers for 143 million masks; 180.7 tons of SMS non-woven materials for 1.2 million protective suits; and 181.21 tons of three-way resistant non-woven materials of stronger protective performance. All the supplies will be continuously sent across the country to provide protection for medical personnel.